Gents Signature Haircut – $20

Personal consultation, cut & style from a licensed professional, plus hot lather neck shave, finished w/ a style, & a splash of aftershave

Junior Gents (13 to15) – $18
Young Gents  (12&Under) – $15
Senior (65 & Up) – $15
Service Men – $17


Gents Three Course Hair Service – $26

Personal consultation, cut, and style. Energizing shampoo and conditioning. Steamed towel and a Hot Lather Neck Shave.

Haircut & Shampoo – $23

Personal consultation, cut & style and energizing shampoo all done in our shiatsu massage chair.

Father & Son Service – $44

Both father & son get a personal consultation, cut & style, energizing shampoo, face refresher & steam towel all done in our shiatsu massage chair.

Camo Color (Grey Blending) – $27

Hair color so subtle, all they’ll notice is the younger-looking you. The effect lasts for a month. For an additional charge, color may also be applied to mustache, beard, and sideburns.

Quick Clean Up Service – $15

This service includes a full clean up of your neckline, hairline, back of neck, sideburns, eyebrows, & around the ears.



Hot Lather Shave – $25  

Includes mentholated hot towel, warm shaving cream, the face is shaved with a disposable razor.

Haircut & Shave – $44

Personal consultation, cut & style finished off with a Hot Lather shave from a licensed professional.

Head Shave – $24

We agree that hair is entirely overrated. Try the most comfortable head shave in the world.

The Works – $49

Personal consultation, cut & style, facial massage, energizing shampoo, with steam towel & face refresher, finish it off with a Hot Lather Shave.

                                   Beard Trims $7.00 and up.





Hand Repair – $20

Women call it a manicure, but we would never call it that, this service includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, and moisturizing.

Foot Repair – $40

A unique and manly twist on the pedicure; a serious clean up of the feet plus leg and foot massage, all done in our shiatsu massage throne.





Arms Half   $15 /  Full    $25
Under Arms    $20
Unibrow   $5
Eyebrows  $10